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Land Development and Sales

The Challenge: Land and housing parcels in remote areas of the province, that were surplus with no immediate sales prospects.

Solution: Created a lease to own program and aggressively marketed properties on-line throughout Canada to successfully sell properties. High client and purchaser satisfaction creating a win-win situation. Under Contract.

Private Elementary School

The Challenge: To introduce technology into the classroom via desktop computing for each student. Meanwhile. needing to be an easy network environment that all teachers could access and use with little administration.

Solution: Since the school was in the new construction phase, wiring throughout was the installation of CAT 5 cabling. Once the wiring phase was complete a peer to peer network with individual workstations was established. All workstations were installed with MS Office licenses, Each system had pertinent subject matter software installed for individual classroom course study.

Export Development

The Challenge: Engineering Software, DUET - Downtime Uptime Event Tracker for ERP software system in Mining needed exposure in the Utah Mining environment in order to increase sales of the add on solution.

Solution: We were contracted to seek out qualified buyers with an interest in the software solution, we set forth and identified buyers and senior IT personnel that have a stake in the system and produced several face to face meetings. Our client met and initiate the sales cycles.


The Challenge: A relatively new Car Dealership with a new process for vehicle acquisition needed funding for inventory and to increase sales. Common funding practices were not interested due to the risk profile presented.

Solution: Presenting the case to private venture capitalist, we were able to secure funding based on solid financial statements and risk assessment. The company thrived and later secured further funding on additional business.

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