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Financial Consulting

We are a team of veteran sales, marketing, and financial professionals. Our main focus is helping businesses find solutions that will help finance initiatives that will facilitate new market share and new market growth, nationally or internationally. We source funding solutions through capital investments, private funding and venture capital. 

We assist in the design of processes and management functions related to Marketing, Sales, Corporate Governance, Operations, Needs Assessment and Cash Flow requirements. 

Our fundamental driving force is identifying areas of opportunity, building relationships and understanding intrinsically your business at hand.

First Off, Why Do You Need Commercial Financing?

Every small business reaches a point where they need an infusion of capital to solve a problem, or just keep growing.

And while you could technically fund all or some of your company out-of-pocket, not every small business owner has the bank account to do so. So if you can’t finance it yourself, who can?

These days, there are a lot of financial institutions and lenders that can give you the commercial financing you need—whether that’s in the form of business loans, investments, or donations. Before we get into all the different types of commercial financing out there, let’s cover this first: why you need commercial financing.

Two Commercial Financing Paths You Can Take

Now that you know why you need commercial finance, the big question on your mind is probably: “Who can give it to me?”

There are two general paths you can take when you’re on the hunt for commercial financing.

Debt Financing

When you take out a business loan, you’re financing your business by taking on debt.

With debt financing, you borrow money that you’ll promise to pay back later—for a price, of course.

You can borrow money from a commercial bank, an online lender, or any other financial institution. You can also take on debt in the form of a business credit card. There are a whole bunch of ways to financing your business through debt, and we’ll get into them all.

Equity Financing

With equity financing, someone invests money in your business in return for a percentage of ownership in your company. This investor can be a single person—an angel investor—or a whole bunch of people that are part of one company—a venture capital firm.

Equity financing can be a smart option for certain businesses, and we’ll get into how you go about using it below.

Which Commercial Financing Solution Works For You? Ask Yourself These Questions:

Before we dive deep into ins and outs of each financing solution out there, you should have these questions in mind as you consider your options:

  • Where is your business now, and where will it grow?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What kind of product do you sell?
  • What’s your borrowing history like?
  • How much money do you need?
  • How soon do you need the capital?
  • How do you want to repay the capital?

You might not be able to answer all these questions just yet—some of them are pretty complicated when you really think about it.

But as you go through your commercial financing options, keep them in mind. They’ll help you find the best financing fit.

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